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Our costs at a glance

A reputable and competent private detective in Berlin does not have to be expensive! Get an overview of our prices! We guarantee no hidden costs !!! Of course you can also set a fee limit !!!

We as a private detective and Wirtschaftsdetektei offer our clients excellence at a reasonable price. A professional investigation / service of detective Fahtz Berlin is not prohibitive. The costs we have put together the following for you:

Observe them but should also consider: (in these cases, they can demand the incurred costs detective back)!!!

According to § 91 para. 1 sentence 1 ZPO are detective costs / detective costs recoverable as extrajudicial party expenses and / or reimbursement requirement if they were necessary for the appropriate prosecution or defense.

Also in accordance with § 823 BGB detective costs can be claimed as part of an action for damages, to the extent this has contributed to the elucidation of a loss event.
Observation Standard
(incl. 1 Observant, 1 car) per km driven

Observation Classic
(incl. 2 Observant, 2 car) per km driven

Investigation and search
30% risk surcharge for red light offenses, drugs and crime

people information
(Employer identification, address identification, commercial information, credit check)

GPS with online tracking (Live) / provision server
Directions / Departure to respective location within Berlin will be charged with 1 hour

Package deals

People-escort and / or witness protection

Preliminary interview and advice

Abhörschutz- tracking down bugs etc.
38, - to 49, - € / h.
€ 0.65

75, - to 99, - € / h.
€ 0.99

38, - € / h.

on demand

from 99, - € per day and only in accordance with legal regulations !!!

on request and only during clear apparent effort

on request and depending on the degree of hazard


on demand
(All prices exclude VAT of 19%)

On weekends and during the night we charge NO EXTRA CHARGES! NO other costs NO basic fee,
NO Photo - Video documentation costs NO EXTRA calculations of vehicles and equipment NO Porto -.. And telephone costs.
NO billing of charges within an insert of 6 hours. Daily rate depending on effort.

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